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Mike Donahue

Vice President Sales Operations
866.817.8795 ext x240

I am a U.S. Marine who made the lateral transition to the civilian workforce in 1992. I have been in the print industry since 1995 and have had a very interesting and rewarding career. As the Vice President Sales Operations at Supplies Wholesalers, I use the training, experience and skills that I received in the military and many years in this industry, to work closely with all the members of my team to help them reach their highest expectations and goals. My team and I make sure we are bringing the right programs, pricing, and information to our reseller partners to help them succeed and grow their business. My sole focus is to make sure my reseller partners, team, and company succeed, and we’ve had a tremendous amount of success. I have three wonderful children ages 7 to 25, and a fantastic wife that couldn’t be more supportive and encouraging of our family goals. We spend most of our time on outdoor activities like fishing, hunting and long walks with the dogs.